Violet Magazine Launch Issue

Violet Magazine Launch Issue


Violet Magazine Launch Issue

Featured on the cover the beautiful Abigail O’Neill.  An Australian fashion model, author of Model Chocolate, food photographer and an expert in vegetarian, raw and vegan cookery.  She is based in Australia and has three children.

  • Meet the powerhouse behind the wildly successful ‘She Shopped‘ brand – an in-magazine exclusive interview with Lucy Cornes
  • Here’s a Quick Way To A New Year’s Cleanse – Adele McConnell
  • How to get passionate about productivity with Jana Kingsford
  • How to become a money wise woman – Sylvia Chierchia
  • Violet Loves …. Style Guide – Kate McGregor
  • 3 ways to help you live a better life – Cat LeBlanc
  • Inspiration From Within … – Amelia Williams
  • Exclusive in-magazine ‘wise words’ quote
  • Productive social networking for the successful solopreneur – Prerna Malik 
  • The secret inspiration from a world champion crossfitter – Amanda Allen
  • Unique. timeless. beauty Raw Pearls
  • Squeezing Lemons – Lisa Bondarenko
  • Inspire Your Pre-Schooler To Play – Ruth Barker
  • 13 Tips for using INSTAGRAM for Business – Jane Copeland

+ + loads more!


Please note:  This is the pdf format of Violet Magazine.  If you would like a fully interactive version head on over here for the Newsstand, iOS version. Or here for the Android version.  Enjoy!



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Violet Magazine is for female entrepreneurs and women in business.  With this in mind having the beautiful Abigail O’Neill grace us on the cover of the launch issue of Violet seems so fitting.  Setting the scene for this multi-media interactive digital magazine, projecting the style and ethos of the VIOLET brand.

We hope you enjoy reading some of the amazing stories of women far and wide.

We truly are living in an age of exceptional opportunity.

Please grab a cup of tea or favourite beverage, a comfy spot and settle into Violet.



ps … the file is large so be patient, it’s worth it! :)