Violet Issue 5


What you can expect inside Violet Magazine Issue 5:

  • The Leadership Issue!
  • Meet The Powerhouse Behind the Violet Magazine Brand!
  • What is Research Intelligence?  How YOU can use it.
  • Why you need to know about the 3 C’s.
  • Kylie Patchett reveals the secret to looking forward in business.
  • Hot New Health Topic! – Kate Powe
  • Investor Funding – Silicon Valley Insights
  • Exclusive in-house Violet Loves …. Easter Holiday FUN! Australian Designers every 20-something needs to know.
  • ++ so much more Violet Style.  Enjoy x


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Violet Magazine is for female entrepreneurs and women in business.

It is a multi-media interactive digital magazine, projecting the style and ethos of the VIOLET brand.

We hope you enjoy reading some of the amazing entrepreneurial business stories of women far and wide.

We truly are living in an age of exceptional opportunity.

Please grab a cup of tea or favourite beverage, a comfy spot and settle into Violet.



ps … the file is large so please be patient, it’s worth it! :)