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Hey friend!

Thanks so much for visiting my website and this page, it’s great to have you here in our cosy corner of the web!

I’m Alyson Swan the creator, editor and independent publisher of Violet Magazine.

I created Violet as the vehicle to connect you (the reader) to the leaders, authors, and luminaries in the female entrepreneur and business worlds.

I consider myself privileged to curate stories about amazing, interesting women, their journeys whilst creating a business and beyond.  The good, the bad and the ugly.  My intention is to inspire and motivate women to create their own success through positive editorials and interviews.  If you know of anyone who you believe would benefit from being featured in Violet, let me know via email or our social media channels.  I also teach through this format.



The magazine provides me the opportunity to bring all of these interesting people and those partnerships together.  To collaborate with.  I provide a local and global viewing platform for these women and their businesses.

It’s content is a balance between lifestyle, inspiration, health, wealth, business, entrepreneurship, relationships, motivational, environmental-green, being global and Australian in content.

It is available on ALL devices.  Totally interactive versions through the Apple Newsstand and Google Play Store.  Or there is a pdf version right here in the shop on this website.

Oh yes … it’s an awesome read!

You can also find me here: alysonswan.com



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    James Wilkinson

    Hello Alyson,

    Just had Violet magazine recommended to me, as I’m looking for some great female editorial work to complement existing titles on Readbug. So I do hope we can help each other out a little here!

    Readbug is a London based startup – The ‘Spotify for magazines’ – due to launch in February and looking to include independent titles as part of our digital newsstand content.

    To give you some background about Readbug, I’ve included the following link to our crowdfunding campaign – Which I’m delighted to say is flying. The video in the link will also give you a bit more of an idea as to what we are working to achieve.


    The service is free for publishers and our aim is to create a user interface that meets the quality of the independent magazines that we host.

    Revenue is then generated for you based on the percentage of a subscribers time spent reading your content. It also means that your back catalogue will become revenue generating once loaded onto the platform.

    Please let me know who I should contact and I’ll happily set up a demo to view the application and discuss how our partnership would work – It would be great to have Violet on board!

    Thanks for your help and have a great weekend,

    Best wishes,


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      Hi James

      Thanks for dropping by. Your proposal sounds interesting, though obviously I’m unsure as to how this would work with respect to generating revenue for Violet. Perhaps you could provide me with more information?

      Congratulations on your very successful crowd funding campaign.

      With thanks


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